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First, thanks for the great pictures of nature's wildlife in action - they were great.

Next, as to leadership, it is the most absent quality in the vast majority of all politicians.  I have no issue with voting for a woman as President, but I would never, ever vote for another Clinton or another Bush.  Among them all they have decimated the dream of America as being a "Land of Opportunity".  Since Reagan the US has been on a trajectory to enrich the top 1% in this country at the expense of the middle and poorer classes.  What is most distressing is the whining of the top 1% complaining about their tax burden.  They are funding all kinds of so called "Conservative" groups to bemoan the fate of the top 1% and all the taxes they pay.  In actuality, the Clintons and Bushes did more to put more money in the pockets of the top 1% than any presidents in history.  When we were kids and WWII was ending, the top tax bracket was 90%!  Every dollar of income over $1,000,000.00 in a year was taxed at the rate of 90%.  Yet, those were the years of greatest expansion of the middle class in this country.  The Republicans at that time were against the GI Bill saying it t would bankrupt the country.  They were against the Marshall Plan because it would bankrupt the country. Now, they are against the Affordable Care Act because it will bankrupt the country.  You have to commend them for their consistency from generation to generation.

O'Bama ran on the promise of "Hope and Change".  The people in the country are still Hoping, but they have seen very little change. Electing either another Clinton or another Bush would send us back on the trajectory of concentrating more wealth in the top 1%.  Since things were so good after WWII maybe we should go back to those tax rates and start a new Marshall Plan for some deserving nations.  It could possibly help restore the American Dream of being a "Land of Opportunity" for the dwindling middle class, the poor and millions of illegal immigrants.

Of course this will never happen if the Republicans are in a position to thwart it because they do not want to bankrupt the country.  Given the massive debt incurred as a result of the Great Recession, I think most of the industrialized countries are already bankrupt.  Leadership? That is truly a very rare commodity in today's world.

Hope you enjoyed your recent travels and your new travels to Europe and the Homeland.

Slante, Tom


leadership.  as a leader, i was not always right, but never in doubt. joebrophy

Brophy Thursday 24 April 2014 - 11:49 pm | | Brophy Blog

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