Within Boulder County there is a strong and widespread belief that the current extreme weather events are produced by anthropogenic global warming. Without considering the scientific merits of this theory or religion a simple consideration of the implications of its validity might be instructive.

If true, the vast expenditure of global, national, state, county and municipal funds to attenuate its effects have failed.

If false, the current climate shift is the result of natural processes over which mankind has no control.

These options suggest that the current efforts to regulate the global climate are either ineffective or misdirected.

I doubt that this short note will diminish the strongly held belief within the county that these efforts are effective. Redirection of some funds spent in Boulder County on the study and regulation of the Earth's climate might be better spent on an Annual Tooth Fairy Festival, as the Tooth Fairy is a much cheaper abstraction based on similar logic.

The remainder of the funding should be terminated to aid in balancing the city, county, state and federal budgets.