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[Work in Progress...]  This blog site is complex with more than a million pages of content and/or links.  You can get back to this site by putting the argument joebrophy in the GOOGLE search box.  This site is used by the author to keep track of things and ideas, and/or for access  by his extended family and friends to family photos and genealogy data and other other topics of interest and study. Many pages require passwords.  Passwords are given to researchers with serious inquiry.  The political content is tilted toward a libertarian point of view and an antithetical Irish Way of Thinking. [The author believes that many of the social and political ills of the USA have been caused by the Irish and their cancerous culture of silence.] As a libertarian, all points of view are welcome, but facts rather than factoids are preferred.

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Remember the words of Einstein:  For every complex problem, there is a simple solution, and it is always wrong.


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Why This Crisis Differs from the 2008 Version

Why This Crisis Differs from the 2008 Version

Here are four articles analyzing why the current crisis differs from 2008

There are a number of differences, but net, net

1.  Corporations and Businesses and Investors are flush with Cash.  Stimulus isn't needed.  Confidence is needed.

2.  We are dealing with an issue of confidence in Government

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