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  • Brophy Family History - Surname
    Index.   "Brophy" is 6,983 rd most popular name in the U.S.   72 year average lifespan   National Average: 75    probability of about 1 in 10,000 in USA per joe brophy A s
    [WORK IN PROGRESS] A people who don’t have a knowledge of their past is like a tree without roots” Lissadell House, Coffin Ships, the Pomano and Sir Robert Gore-Booth Iris
  • Why This Crisis Differs from the 2008 Version
    Why This Crisis Differs from the 2008 Version Here are four articles analyzing why the current crisis differs from 2008 There are a number of differences, but net, net 1. 
  • Celtic History
    Story of the Celts: The Ancient Celts (under revision) [credits] by John Patrick Parle Copyright © 1999 jpparle@aol.com The Ancient Celts [8] What is surprising to most mo

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