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  • Who Owns All The Major Brands in the World?
    All the biggest product brands in the world are owned by a handful of corporation. Food, cleaning products, banks, airlines, cars, media companies... everything is in the
  • the man who must change China
    Xi Jinping will soon be named as China’s next president. He must be ready to break with the past JUST after the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, whic
    Why I believe in a Higher Power; why atheism is a failed strategy.
  • Ray Kurzweil (Inventor)
    Experts Ray Kurzweil Inventor, Author, Futurist Biotechnology Will Stop Aging 5:13 Discuss & Watch Video Ray Kurzweil on Ending Disease 5:25 Discuss & Watch Video Ray Kurz
    what are your options.  usually good for 24 hours, but see next page under MORE  tab for more details Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet Family and Consumer Scienc

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