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      // Revolutionary Japan is suddenly the centre of world affairs So Japan may not slide into genteel oblivion after all. To the surprise of the Japanese people, their coun
  • World War 2 Facts
    World War 2 Facts The first German serviceman killed in the war was killed by the Japanese (China, 1937) The first American serviceman killed was killed by the Russians (F
  • EARTHQUAKES: Where to Go; What to Do
    [work in progress] Here are some interesting articles on Earthquake safety.   No do not get under a desk or a table.  You will be crushed.  Lay in a fetal position next to
  • Marines Take Tinian Island; origination of atomic bomb
    brophy remarks go here;  this article needs to unscrambled and edited by joe brophy Just an added piece of information about Tinian Island.    The USS Indianapolis deliver
  • Slideshows - interesting, Various Topics
    Russian churches _translated View more presentations from brophy, inc . afghanistan View more presentations from brophy, inc . paper View more presentations from brophy, i

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