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  • Catholic leaders gather to counter decline of faith
    Catholic leaders gather to counter decline of faith   Pope Benedict XVI leads the mass of the opening of the synod of bishops on October 7 in St Peter's Square in the Vati
  • Cardinal sin: Bam blew off DNC blessing
    The Democrats have been pissing on the HRCC for years Dolan is a leader and things will change joe Cardinal sin: Bam blew off DNC blessing By CARL CAMPANILE Last Updated:
    FINANCIAL MISMANAGEMENT The Catholic church in America Earthly concerns The Catholic church is as big as any company in America. Bankruptcy cases have shed some light on i
  • CATHOLIC FAITHFUL - a political force?
    Perhaps the Catholic Faithful will become a political force for acceptable change. Me thinks that Cardinal Dolan, NY is will be a force for Obama and others to reckon with
    A case of discrimination against women.
  • HOW THE HRCC (Catholic Church) GOT STARTED
    How did the HRCC (Holy Roman Catholic Church) get from the Cross on Calvary to Rome? work in progress, near completion I took a course:  the Dead Sea Scrolls, at Adventure

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